March 2024

Dawn Mortensen

Buying a house with Dawn's help was smooth sailing! Dawn is detail oriented, VERY knowledgeable about the Lillooet area, and provided a wealth of resources to someone new to Lillooet (over and above the mundane process of paperwork which she handled deftly)

Gil Hauer

March 10th, 2024

Dawn Mortensen

I live in Courtney and was the executor to my brothers house in Lillooet. Due to health reasons I was unable to be in at anytime during the sale of his house.  Highly recommended - I chose Dawn to be my real estate agent. Dawn did simply an amazing job in selling his house.  Her professionalism and cordial personality put me at ease from our 1st conversation.  Her knowledge and communication skills are outstanding. She kept me informed at all times as to the progress of the sale which went very smooth.  It is obvious Dawn is a dedicated person with work ethics as the house sold in a very short period of time.  Dawn has a wonderful personality with a great sense of humour.  I was totally stress free throughout my experience working with Dawn.  I would highly recommend without reservation for anyone moving to the Lillooet and area.  Marty Duda

Martin Duda

February 2024

Dawn Mortensen

My wife and I decided to put our home on the market as we wanted to move closer to family. We contacted Dawn and asked if she would like to list the house for us. The answer was yes.  We chose Dawn because she lives and works in Lillooet and has a vast knowledge of the area.  Dawn is passionate about finding the right fit for her clients (not just another sale).  Everything about the sale was done perfectly from start to finish. In the end not only did we get a sale of our home but we gained a new friend in Dawn.  We would definitely recommend Dawn if you are buying or selling a home.  

Roy and Laura Bentley Park Drive Lillooet

November 2022

Dawn Mortensen

4 months ago
Dawn did an amazing job selling our house. She was prompt and thorough, always communicating the next step. With her upbeat demeanour Dawn made our experience positive and stress free.
My wife and I would highly recommend Dawn if you are selling or buying, she will work hard for your needs and exceed your expectations.

Glenn and Shannon Price

July 2022

Dawn Mortensen

Hey Dawn, we are thrilled with our move and would be happy to speak to your skills and professionalism.
As follows.
My wife and I decided to sell our lovely waterfront home at Gun Lake, in the Bridge River Valley. We asked for references from close friends who had just purchased in Lillooet.
Without hesitation they recommended Dawn Mortensen.
I met with Dawn at her home and immediately knew she was ‘the one’.
She very quickly visited our home which was almost 2 hours away, had professional photos taken and started the marketing process. Our house sold quickly. 
Dawn was always available and gave excellent advice. Integrity is extremely important to me and Dawn has a high level of integrity.
I should add that she directed us to a realtor in the Kelowna area and our experience in buying our new house was also flawless.
I don’t hesitate to recommend Dawn Mortensen.
Regards Dawn hope all is well.

David and Paddy Aitken

November 14th, 2022

Dawn Mortensen

My name is Tina Kasischke  and this is my experience with Dawn Mortensen.  Dawn is amazing and I  highly recommend her. I  have POA for my elderly mother and it was my responsibility to find the best real estate person to sell my moms property in lillooet,BC this last summer .This was huge stress as I do not live in the same town.  I had heard great things about her  and that she was highly recommended by people in Lillooet.I dont live in lillooet so it was important to hear this from other people.  I decided to give Dawn a call and left her a message. 
She responded  very fast and instantly made an appointment with me and my mom to take a look at the house as we were in town. She made us feel important and that we mattered. 
Upon first meeting,  it was clear she was perfect for the job and is very passionate about what she does .she made me feel comfortable and I just got a good feeling about her. Dawn is easy to talk to and  friendly with a great sense of humor. Dawn was honest  about what she saw but conveyed it in a sensitive way that we were not offended. She listened to me when I  asked to leave some things behind ( such as extra building material) .  She explained the selling  process to me and my mom, and answered questions.    I had my mother with me  when I met with Dawn and she   included my mom in the process and conversation  and acknowledged that this was her home and made her feel  like she mattered  (even though I was the one making decisions). Dawn was empathetic that this  process  was extremly hard  in light of my fathers recent death. She made my mom  feel important and that was important to me.  She didnt rush me  to make decisions, and gave me time to think.  she called before  doing things such as removing things from the property. 
She  came up with a good listing price and  her communication was awesome , both with phone calls and emails and texts. Documents that needed signing were sent fast via email and it was easy.
 We ran in to some issues with needing to get a silver label for the home before it could be listed and she explained what needed to be done to get it. She was very patient.  While waiting  Dawn brought in cleaning people, dealt with an obnoxius neighbor a few times for us while we were living 6 hours away .  She took care of everything and it took a lot of stress off of me. After a few weeks and the house  was not getting any interest, Dawn suggested a bit lower listing price due to market dropping and we had interest from buyers because of how Dawn had advertised it. The pictures of the property were perfect and she knows exactly what selling features are and focused on those ( like the view and captured the charm of the home which was really important to my mom and me) Dawn knows many people and I believe this really helped attract the perfect buyer.   A few issues were found during the home inspection  such as a retaining wall issue and  Dawn helped explain what  our options were ( fix it it or sell it at reduced cost)and we choose to reduce the price  to help the  buyers off set this unexpected cost. When we found out we needed the pellet stove inspected , Dawn recommended  a professional person to complete it which was extremly helpful to me.  we got an offer in and  i wanted to counter at a lower amount but Dawn recommended a higher amount  based on her experience. I went with her suggestion and she was bang on and the house sold at a higher amount. Without Dawn knowledge we would have sold it for less.
 Dawn made a hard process easier and she is fantastic  what she does. She is professional, effective and gets the job done and to the best of her ability. She knows the market, knows what she is talking about and I trust her. I  have no compaints about her and would not change any of my interactions with her. 
Tina Kasischke 

Tina Kasischke

Realtor with a heart
We scoured B.C looking for the quiet of nature. What Dawn helped us find was untouched paradise…
She took time to understand us as a family, assimilate our needs and became our true guide. 
She navigated us out of areas/places we should not be looking at and nudged us into our current home in the beautiful mountains of B.C. 
During those months she had earned so much trust, that we closed on home over the phone. We are so glad we did what we did… 
She ensured we settled in well, orienting and connecting us with services in the small community we had made our home. And she constantly checks in on us, to this day. 
Investments multiply where one’s heart is, and Dawn is one realtor that can sure make it happen. 
The Rajan’s 

November 22, 2019

Dawn was fabulous to work with while searching for a home to buy in Lillooet. She made herself available and was the most PATIENT and lovely real estate agent after what felt like a lifetime of finding the right fit for us.
I'd recommend her in a heartbeat.

Olivia Duncan

March 14, 2019

My wife and I had a Great experience with Dawn as our selling agent. We had multiple parties shown through the property, and we feel she really went above and beyond to make sure we got the best buyer and deal we could have gotten in today's market. My only disappointment is that she cant help us sell our house in Victoria, because we need someone with Dawn's energy down here!

Scott Hutchinson

February 1, 2019

Dawn was fantastic at helping us out, I highly recommend her when searching for your new home. Very knowledgeable about the area great experience all together.

Shelby Shipper

March 1, 2019

I can't thank Dawn Mortensen enough for her kind, patient and knowledgeable service in selling my father's home for him in Lillooet. He has been ill and had to move very quickly. My sister and I needed a realtor with integrity and the expertise to walk us through the sale process as we are not from this area. We thankfully found that Dawn went above and beyond in all aspects of the sale. Her work ethic, invaluable advice, uncompromising attention to detail and great sense of humor made the experience seem simple. This is a realtor that really does care. Our family is very happy with the outcome. We would recommend her to anyone searching for an extremely effective, personable realtor in the area.

Jill Manahan

June 1, 2019

Dawn sold our home quickly and made the entire experience very easy for us. We highly recommend her to anyone looking to purchase or sell a home or investment property!

Jackie Van Vliet

November 22, 2019

Dawn was fabulous to work with while searching for a home to buy in Lillooet. She made herself available and was the most PATIENT and lovely real estate agent after what felt like a lifetime of finding the right fit for us.
I'd recommend her in a heartbeat.

Olivia Duncan

December 1, 2019

Hello, just for the record I never do reviews. Dawn is amazing anytime I needed help I would just call or text even on holidays and she would contact you shortly. Very knowledgeable about neighbors, community and of course pricing of homes. If you want professionalism look no further! Thanks again Dawn, love my home ;))

Michael Morris

January 20, 2018

Dawn was excellent to work with! Very patient and dedicated in helping find a home that fit my needs. After working with Dawn for a few weeks I not only saw her as my realtor but as a friend. I will definitely use Dawn in the future and highly recommend her to anyone looking for a home in Lillooet.

Jesse Regnier

April 24, 2018

Dawn was great to work with! She is very efficient and her communication is excellent. Had our property sold in no time at all! Would highly recommend her!

Jennifer Gilbert-Thur

September 22, 2018

Easy to talk to. Follows up. Works on her listing and is cooperative with other agents.

Kate Kempfle

September 26, 2018

Dawn assisted with the purchase of a rental property, and really helped us stay organised! She let us know how to keep up to date with our part of the contract, helped us find a great inspector, and a lawyer. Dawn took away the stress by being incredibly helpful and professional. Thank You Dawn!

Lee Mitchell Ostash

August 8, 2017

Dawn did a great job helping find my home. Dawn had shown me a lot of options and help narrow down my choice as she got to know me. She truly Listens to her clients and has there interest at heart. Thank you Dawn for helping find my new home in Lillooet. You did a great job I would recommend you to anyone looking for a new home or property.

Tony Weller

November 11, 2017

Dawn Mortensen is a professional, dedicated local realtor that is lovely to work with in this beautiful area. Industry experience that works for you whether you are buying a home for your personal use, or an investment.

Annie de la Chevrotiere